We’ve shared with you in the last two months about the call that God has placed on our hearts to move to North Carolina to serve in His ministry to the Bibleless people around the world through Wycliffe Bible Translators. We have mentioned “partnership” and would now like to explain that further. Partners are people who sense God’s call to join the effort of Bible translation in the way He wants them to. In the past this process was called “fundraising or raising support” but now we call it partnership because it is so much more than just money. All partners are an integral part of any missionary’s work and it could not happen without them. You truly are a partner in our ministry. God does not call everyone to GO into missions, but He does call every believer to be a part of missions. There are three ways people can be a partner with missionaries. You can PRAY, ADVOCATE, and SEND us. Here are some details to help you understand:

We desperately need you to faithfully pray:

  • For our spiritual, emotional, and physical health
  • For our partnership development process
  • For hearts to be open to the Gospel
  • For every aspect of the translation process

Without people to champion our work, we may never get to our assignment. You can make a huge difference by:

  • Connecting us with potential financial partners
  • Helping with logistics
  • Inviting us to share at small groups or churches
  • Encouraging others to pray for us

To adequately fund our role in Bible translation, we need financial partners like you to contribute towards:

  • Monthly living expenses
  • Start-up costs

Why do we need financial partners?
Wycliffe is a faith-based, non-profit organization that runs on charitable donations. They do not have the funds to provide members with salaries. Therefore in order for us to begin our work, we must come into Wycliffe with a team of financial partners.Wycliffe has set a budget with the amount that is needed to fund our ministry. When we reach this amount that has been established to cover our housing, food, medical and clothing expenses, we will be allowed to move and begin our roles with Wycliffe. Wycliffe will honor the requests of donors regarding the designation of funds sent to them, so that the monies donated to our ministry will be processed and distributed appropriately.

Where does this idea come from?
We know that this idea of living off the generosity of others is not a common occurrence in America today. Our culture values independence and being able to provide for ourselves. Yet we learned through Bible study, that God values interdependence among His people. There are Biblical examples from the Old Testament Levite priests to the New Testament Apostles of how God designed a plan for the community of believers to provide for the material needs of people dedicating their lives to His service.

What if I am ready to partner, when do I start?
We want to connect with you right away if you are interested in being a dedicated prayer partner, so that we can communicate our prayer needs with you. Please let us know if you are interested in partnering with us through prayer. We are trusting that our prayer and financial partners have been and will continue to pray for us throughout our ministry.

Our financial partners can begin to give as God leads. However, we need all our financial partners to either pledge or give their intended gifts as soon as possible. We must ensure that we are fully financed to move to our field assignment with Wycliffe in Waxhaw, NC, so that we do not begin our work struggling to manage with insufficient funds. Any gifts given now will be saved to cover the costs of relocating to North Carolina.

How can we learn more?
Over the past two months we’ve had the privilege of telling many of you our story in person and we’ll continue to reach out to everyone as time permits. We wouldn’t expect anyone to partner with us without hearing our story directly from us and we look forward to the opportunity to share with you. Please contact us about meeting together. We are ready and willing to travel to visit you all!

We also want to share with you, your small groups, and your church regardless of whether you can financially support us. It is such a joy for us to share about how God is guiding us and to help educate believers about what is happening around the world with Bible translation and we welcome any opportunity!

We are excited about our opportunity to GO and we would love for you to join us, so we are asking you to prayerfully consider how God is calling you to partner with us.
When you are ready to let us know how you want to partner with us, use the enclosed form or go to: http://theshipleys.org/partnership

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