“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10, ESV

Whats New?
We’ve really enjoyed sharing about what God is doing in our lives these past few months. We’re discovering that there are others like us, who did not know the need for or the urgency of Bible translation despite being church goers for a long time. Recently we had fun sharing with the children at our church about the process of Bible translation including the variety of people with unique skills God uses to make translation happen.

We have some exciting sharing opportunities coming up including:

March 4th – Lighthouse Ministries, http://lighthouseca.org, in Elk Grove, CA (Nathan and Sharon’s church)

March 11th – First Church of God, http://sacfcog.org, in Sacramento, CA (the church where we grew up together

We invite those of you in the Sacramento area to attend either of these services to hear more about our ministry and what God is doing around the world for Bibleless people.

We’ve Moved!
We have positioned ourselves to go by selling our house and moving into a smaller apartment in preparation to leave for North Carolina. Selling our home was one of our main concerns when we considered joining Wycliffe, but God’s hand was evident through the process. Because the bank didn’t respond during the two years we sought loan modification after Melanie stopped working, our mortgage was still in its original terms which made it possible for us to complete a short sale. Our house was listed for five days and the sale was finalized in four months. That house in our lives was about much more than finances or a place to live.
It was the first step in our journey to Wycliffe. We lived within walking distance from our church, Bernal Church, and went there since our first Sunday living in San Jose. God clearly led us to Bernal to grow us spiritually. Phillip eventually became an elder there and it was in his capacity as elder that he was called to serve on the week-long mission trip to JAARS. We know that God brought us to that house, provided for us while we lived there, and allowed us to leave according to His plan. For more details of the story, you can download the Bernal Church sermon from January 22: http://goo.gl/wm8pA.

What’s Happening In Waxhaw?
Many people have asked us what specifically Phillip will be doing in terms of his IT role. Given the nature of technology and the pace at which it changes, it is hard to say with certainty what the specific projects he’ll be working on since we don’t know exactly when we’ll arrive. His job title will be IT Software Development Manager and some of his responsibilities will be managing and leading the web application team, continuing improvement of software development best practices, help establish mobile device development capabilities, mentor team members, and hopefully writing some code himself.

Some of the recent projects the team has been working on include rolling out a new helpdesk application that will improve how Wycliffe members and partners request IT support
globally. They also wrote and deployed a power monitoring application that provides a central view of how solar power systems are performing in Africa. It allows the power management experts in North Carolina to proactively monitor the systems and identify maintenance needs before the people in the field even realize it. There is also organizational work happening to integrate teams in Dallas with the teams in North Carolina as well as collaboration with teams in Asia around integration opportunities.

It is all very exciting and we are anxious to move and begin serving in our roles as soon as we are fully funded.

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