One thing that excites us about Wycliffe is Vision 2025. In 1999 Wycliffe felt God was calling them to create a goal that was impossible to reach through human efforts to show God’s glory being displayed through Bible translation.

At the rate that translations were beginning in 1999 it was projected that the final translation would not be started until the year 2150. Wycliffe leaders heard God’s call that this was too long for people to wait to even start to hear about Him. They prayed for God’s direction and set a goal of seeing Bible translation projects started in each of the 2000+ languages that still need one by the year 2025!

In 2010 updated numbers were released on the progress and it was revealed that the new projection for the final Bible translation being started was now 2038. In just 10 years God had accelerated Bible translation by 112 years! That is so amazing. That means Bible translation accelerated from a rate of one project starting every 18 days to one project starting every 5 days. We are amazed by this and can’t wait to be a part of this progress.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with the daughter of the founder of Wycliffe, Grace Townsend Goreth. It was interesting to hear stories about her “Daddy”, meaning Cameron Townsend, who is such an inspiration to us. Yet what struck me most as we talked with her was the realization that she was an infant when Wycliffe Bible Translators was founded and now only a few decades later, she is talking about seeing the last needed translation started. It was so amazing to think about how rapidly and powerfully God can move! It was also so inspiring to hear her emphasize that her father was not a trained linguist, theologian, or diplomat (but he went on to to fill all of those roles on a world-wide stage). He simply made himself available to God, obeyed when he felt God’s call, and constantly sought God in prayer.

We asked her about what she felt her parents would be most excited about if they could see Bible translation progressing now and she replied “Technology!” She explained that her father was very interested in how technological advancements would help God’s work to progress, which was a special encouragement to us as we prepare to use our skills in technology to advance the work worldwide.

We were so honored to meet Grace and feel more a part of the Wycliffe family. We are looking forward to helping fulfill of the goal that God gave to her father by 2025. We are currently praying about setting a date for our departure for Waxhaw, NC. Please be praying with us and for us that God will give us clear direction concerning this.

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