Graphic of 2012 Scripture Access Statistics
Hello everyone, this is such an exciting time to be involved in Bible translation. Wycliffe Global Alliance has compiled and published new statistics regarding access to scripture around the world. In order to track progress with their goal of starting the final translation by 2025 there are many numbers that they watch closely on.

One number they watch with special interest is the number of language communities still needing Scriptures translated, and where no program has been started.

For the first time ever, that number has dropped below 2,000! The new translation need number is 1,967 — worth celebrating! For the first time there are more translation programs in progress than there are translation needs. With a world population of over 7 billion, the number of people without access to God’s Word in the language that serves them best is now approximately 209 million. More people have more access to Scripture than in any previous generation.

You can access the new statistics by going to the Wycliffe Global Alliance website where the official statistics are posted. They will soon have new graphics to go with the stats:

We cant wait to get out to North Carolina and begin contributing through our new roles and we want to thank you all who are praying and giving already because you are playing a critical part in getting scripture to those still in need.

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  1. Karen Shipley says:

    You’ll be a wonderful addition to making the goal of 2025 a reality.

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