As we meet with people and tell them about Wycliffe and the process of Bible translation it can be a little difficult to accurately describe the complexity involved. One of the most common questions we hear is the first one I asked myself, “can’t they just use computers to do the translation?” As we learned more about the process we realized it is extremely complicated and a very long and involved process. With each new heart language there is a unique worldview that must be understood before a translation can begin. Wycliffe published a video to help describe this process from a high level, check it out:

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2 Responses to The Road to Transformation

  1. Nancy Fillingame says:

    Thanks for posting the video, it really helps explain the process. God bless you as you get closer to your goal!
    Nancy Fillingame

  2. Doug Dillingham says:

    I appreciate the title of this new video because it really emphasizes what this is all about – TRANSFORMING lives and communities through Bible translation. Every missionary plays a unique, integral role in Bible translation, and each needs their own team of people to pray for, give to, and promote their ministry. I pray everyone who views this video will be prompted to ask what role they will play in helping others receive God’s Word in their own language. God bless you guys. We can’t wait for you to get to Waxhaw.
    Doug Dillingham – GTIS Project Management Office, Director

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