Merry Christmas to you all!

We just couldn’t wait to thank you all and praise God that in the past three days we have had four more partners join our team, bringing our total to 83% of our budget pledged! We are so thankful to God and all of your faithfulness. We’ll see how He moves in the next 7 days!

Here is a story that Wycliffe shared with us recently that we want to share with you. As we celebrate the greatest gift that God gave to humans, we are all the more excited to begin helping people like the Yambetta people of Cameroon be able to fully unwrap and embrace the gift of Jesus by reading about him in their own heart language. Sincere thanks to each of you who give to and pray for our ministry – you are blessing people with the gift of God’s word – the only gift that brings everlasting peace, hope, and joy.

God’s Word in Yambetta

“Give me understanding and I will obey Your instructions; I will put them into practice with all my heart” (Psalm 119:34, NLT).

Léonard Bolioki is a Cameroonian national translator who has been working on the Yambetta Bible translation for more than two decades. One day Léonard was traveling on a motorcycle with his 10-year-old son, Kegnam Bolioki Romeo-Albert (Tonton), when they were hit by another vehicle. Tonton was killed in the accident, and Léonard was badly hurt.

Tonton’s funeral was conducted in French, the national language. Léonard, still seriously injured, lay on a mat in front of a crowd that grew restless trying to understand the national language. Partway through the service, Léonard began to read a passage from the Gospel of John, which he had recently translated.

Instantly there was total silence. No one moved and no one spoke as the villagers listened to the story of how much Jesus loved Lazarus and spoke words of encouragement to them even in their deep grief. Jesus was speaking to the crowd in the one language that really spoke to their hearts. THIS is what Bible translation is all about. It is God intimately and tenderly speaking to people He loves in the language He created them to speak.

  • Praise God that Léonard and Marie Bolioki will soon see the Scriptures in their own Yambetta language completed.
  • Pray for the Yambetta people—may God’s Word reach deep into their hearts and transform their lives, communities, and nation.
  • Everyone, no matter what language they speak, deserves the same chance to hear God speak His message of hope, comfort, and love. Pray for Wycliffe as it corporately seeks to meet the personnel, prayer, and financial support needed to see this happen in language communities around the world

Merry Christmas to you all! You are all in our hearts as we celebrate!

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