We can not thank God enough for the way that He has worked this year to bring us here. We are so thankful for the sacrifice that you all make to allow us serve people waiting for the Bible in their heart language. Thank you for your prayer and financial partnership.

Bible dedication of 26 new translations

We recently got to experience the dedication of 26 new scripture translations that were completed in the past year by Wycliffe. This means 26 people groups now have the ability to learn all about the great love and mercy that God offers to each of us. We feel so proud to be serving in a support role to this endeavor!

For us personally this year, we are giving thanks for answers that God provided, and His peace in the midst of challenges . We now have the answer that we were waiting for at this time last year: when does God want us to go to North Carolina to begin serving with Wycliffe? Now we know that the answer was after Phillip’s back surgery, we would be ready to go. And we are so thankful to be here, be active in our work, and have a home, yet it isn’t easy. No physical home makes up for the feeling of home that comes from being with family and friends who love you and know you so well. We miss the companionship of our family, friends, and church each day. We thank God for the connections we are developing and are waiting patiently for that full feeling of home here in our new community.

Our house
Backyard dinner with parents
Moving into our home was truly a miracle from God! Our offer was picked from four offers on the first day that we saw the home and when our financing fell through, our family stepped up to help us still be able to buy it. We are so grateful! Then we moved in with no furniture and were sleeping on air mattresses. Many people have given us money or furniture to make our house a home . Two families through our church offered us a room of furniture on the first day that they met us. That is truly God’s love on display! We live on a court in a nice established neighborhood in Waxhaw (population 10,000) so we have great neighbors that Hunter can just run outside and play with, yet our background faces a wooded area and slopes down to a creek. We are enjoying the best of both worlds, neighborhood and nature. Phillip’s parents happened to be visiting the week we moved and were a huge help in getting us moved and settled. It was fun to take them around and show them where we live, work, and play.

Another question we now have the answer for: what is going on with Melanie’s health? Just days before our Inter-Cultural Communications training started, we found that Melanie has an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s disease. Basically her immune system is fighting the cells that her thyroid produces and therefore isn’t allowing her thyroid to properly regulate her body. For her, this meant symptoms of being tired all the time, not being able to lose weight, often being dizzy, getting migraines and most difficult, not being able to conceive any more children. This answer certainly hasn’t been an easy one as it has meant a strict diet to eliminate foods that are activating her immune system, lots of vitamins and supplements, and a lot of waiting. There isn’t a quick fix and for those of you who have also waited for God to bless you with the miracle of life, you know that waiting isn’t easy. Melanie has lost 35 pounds, has more stable energy throughout the day, and her dizzy spells have gone away. We are still waiting for complete relief from her migraines and for the answer if we will be able to have more children. We are thankful for God’s faithfulness and love through the time of waiting for answers. Our prayer is Psalm 25:4-5: “Show me your ways, O Lord, teach your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long”.

Tree of Thanksgiving

Tree of Thanksgiving

We are celebrating our Thanksgiving with several families that we know through JAARS and are grateful for their hospitality. Our hearts are so humbled at all the Lord and others have done for us and full of gratitude at this special time of year. Thank you for being a part of our lives and our ministry. Please take the time to send us a note and let us know how you are and how we can be praying with you. Contact with our partners is such an encouragement to us!

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  1. Gina Nie says:

    Hello Sassafrass and family – Happy Thanksgiving from the tic-tac lady!!!!!

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