happydanceWe are so excited to be able to share that we have received pledges to cover 100% of our ministry budget! God has truly done a miracle in bringing this team together and in His perfect timing. As we look back over this journey, we remember how we set our original goal to be funded by September 2012, then January 1, 2013 yet God has completed our team right before Phillip’s surgery. It is clear that He knew the timing that was best. Thank you all for walking through this journey with us.

Our team of prayer and financial partners is a team that only God could possibly put together. There is such diversity – from people who have known us our whole lives to people who met us once, people living in San Jose to a family in India, ages ranging from 22 years old to 90 years old. It is also comprised of people that the most of us would not think able to make praying for or giving to missions a priority in their lives – retired people on a fixed income, single mothers, families with many children and still growing, those struggling with being under-employed or unemployed, pastors, teachers, military personnel, and a fellow missionary. It is so clear that only God could assemble this team to enable us to serve Bible-less people and it is truly amazing and humbling to see Him work in this way. We can not express the depth of our sincere gratitude to each of our partners who faithfully responded to God’s call to partner with us.

Phillip’s surgery is this Wednesday, February 27th at 7:45am PT. Please pray that it will go well, his healing will be immediate and complete, and his recovery will be easy. Please pray for Phillip, Melanie, and Hunter to have extra love and patience for each other during the many weeks of being at home as he recovers.

Our current plans are to leave in mid-April for our cross-country trip to North Carolina. As Phillip recovers and the dates become firm, we will update you all and invite you to an event in Sacramento and one in San Jose so that we can see as many of you as possible before we leave.

Thank you so much,

Phillip, Melanie & Hunter Shipley

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  1. Hi Phillip,

    I just ran across your family blog while running some google searches on JAARS and really enjoyed reading your story and watching the video you posted. Awesome story! My wife and I were at JAARS in July 2012 and a few weeks ago an opportunity came up to spend 6-12 months with the GTIS team at JAARS before we head overseas. The Lord willing we’ll be making a similar trip from the West Coast (we live just outside of Vancouver, BC) to North Carolina later this summer/early Fall. Wishing you all the best as you make the transition to JAARS and I look forward to reading your blog.

    – Jaco

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